ADIYANS (Adiyars, Adigals) are inhabitants of the Wayanad District. They are found in Edappady, Cherur, Mottonkara, Kuppathode and Mudiramula, Bavali and in the low lying lands of Thaliparamba and North Waynad Taluks. They are also to be found in Mysore State. The word ADIYAN connotes a slave or vassal attached to a person of standing. A dialect of Kannada is their mother Tongue and it is unintelligible to others. Those settled in Kerala can converse in Malayalam. The majority of Adiyans are low paid agricultural labourers and it is possible that in the early years they may have been agricultural slaves. The average daily wage of man is reported to be two seers of paddy and for a woman something less. Adiyans are Hindus by religion, but have no temples of their own. Those in Kerala celebrate Onam and Vishu festivals, and visit the Vallyoorkavu and Tiruneli Temples. According to the 2011 census, their population can be estimated to be 11,526.

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