ARANADANS are inhabitants of the Kozhikode District. Their name is the corruption of Eranadan, and connotes that they are a tribe of the Eranad Taluk. Their scattered settlements are in the low lying and undeveloped hill tracts of the Vazhikadavu, Karulai, Edakara, Shankerakulam and other remote locations of the Nilambur Amsom of the Eranad Taluk. They speak a very corrupt dialect of Tamil, Malayalam and Tulu. ARANADANS are included in the official list of Scheduled Tribes maintained by the Union, Kerala, Mysore and Madras Governments. Their principal occupation now, is cutting bamboo and collecting hill produce. Very limited numbers have started participating in agricultural operations. Aranadans have no religion, and not even a correct conception of animism and totemism. Some pretend to have good knowledge of the Hindu religion, and have no objection to be known as Hindus. Visiting temples is not popular. According to the 2011 census, their population can be estimated to be 283.

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