ERAVALLANS are inhabitants of the Palghat District. They are seen settled in the Government Colony in the low lying lands adjoining the high mountains of the Moolathara village, Chittoor Taluk, and in the neighbouring Coimbatore District of the Madras State. They speak a poor dialect of Tamil and to a visitor in Malayalam. Eravallans are either agriculturists or farm labourers. A few own land which they cultivate successfully. The early occupations of hunting and food picking, and the restrictions regarding entering service have disappeared. Eravallans were animists and totemists of the highest order. Even now there are many who practice primitive animism, and worship animals, trees and stones and claim origin from them. They celebrate Onam, Vishu, Mattu Pongal festivals. According to the 2011 census, their population can be estimated to be 4,797.

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