HILL PULAYAS are inhabitants of the Kottayam and Idukki District. They are seen at Kummithankuzhi, Thattikkad, Nachivayal, Malakkad,and Chavakkalam in the Chinnar and Marayoor villages of the Devikulam Taluk. This community have three sub groups, viz. Kurumba Pulaya, Karavazhi Pulaya and Pambu Pulaya. They are also known as Mala Pulaya. The Hill Pulaya’s dialect is both of Tamil and Malayalam influence dominated by Tamil words and phrases. With others they speak either Malayalam or Tamil language and use its script. The major economic resource of Hill pulaya is land. The community is mainly land holding. The government had allotted a minimum of one acre of land per family in each hamlet, and they have taken settled cultivation. Nonskilled daily wage labour, animal husbandry, petty shop and collection of minor forest produce are their subsidiary occupations. The Hill Pulayas are Hindus. They worship and revere the entire Hindu pantheon deities along with their own deities. Kali, Mariamma, Kannimara, Karuppan, Chapalamma etc. are some of their deities, represented by stones. According to the 2011 census, their population can be estimated to be 2,959.

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