IRULARS are inhabitants of the Palghat District. They are seen at Pothupara, Mayamudi, Palakapandy and Kunapalam of the Nelliampathi hills, Chittoor Taluk, Koravan Kandi, Kavundikkal and Mattathukad of Agali Amsom, Attapady Valley, Perinthalmanna Taluk and in the Wayalar forests of the Palghat Taluk. The dialect of those in Kerala include quite a lot of Malayalam Phrases and a visitor with knowledge of Malayalam or Tamil can fare well. Irulars are preserving and clever agriculturists. A few are still Ponam cultivators. What is cultivated depends on the soil and environment. Paddy, raggi, dhal, plantains, chillies and turmeric are grown in large quantities. Both men and women take an active part in agricultural operations, hunting, rearing and vending goats and poultry. A small number of Irulars continue their animistic practices, treat the tiger as their visible god, and worship its footprints. The majority worship Vishnu under the name of Rangaswami and Siva without differentiation. According to the 2011 census, their population can be estimated to be 23,721.

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