KARIMPALANS are inhabitants of the Kannur and Kozhikode Districts. They are seen at Kakur, Nanmanda, Chelanoor, Poonoor, Thamarasseri of the Kozhikode District, Thaliparamba, Alakode of the Kannur District and Wayanad District. Karimpalans speak a corrupt dialect of Malayalam with a few Tulu words and phrases. Karimpalans have better type of illoms than the Paniyans and Cherumans of the same districts. The structure is about eight feet square, made exclusively of bamboo and thatched with grass or straw. It has a clean and attractive appearance. There is usually only one room which used as a kitchen, bedroom, and sitting room. Karimpalans were principally ponum cultivators but deforestation and the opening up of new plantations have stopped it. There are now small groups who do independent cultivation on lease hold lands. Preparing and vending charcoal is another important occupation that is now facing serious setbacks. Karimpalans were animists and totemists, but now they like to be known as Hindus, visit temples and make special offerings to Kali and Siva. According to the 2011 census, their population can be estimated to be 14,098.

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