KORAGARS are inhabitants of the Kannur District. They are seen at Hosbettu, Mudibidri, Puttur, Uppiangandi, Narampadi, Perdol, Bela, Manjeshwar, Mangalapalli of the Kasargod Taluk. They speak Koraga dialect within the family kin group and with others they speak Tulu, Malayalam and Kannada languages. The major economic resources for the Koraga are forest and land. The forest resources are controlled by government and land by individual proprietors. In the community, only a few own land. Their traditional occupations are hunting, gathering, basket making and labour. In the past, they were also engaged in collecting animal bones, skin and medicinal plants. The Koraga profess Hinduism. They are nature and sun worshippers. According to the 2011 census, their population can be estimated to be 14,098.

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