The KUDIYA inhabit the hills and foothills of Kasargod District and its adjoining areas South Karnataka. The Kudiya’s mother tongue is Tulu although school going children learn both Kannada and Malayalam. The major economic resources for the Kudiya’s are forest and land. Hunting and gathering from the forests used to be their mainstay along with labour work. After the Kerala Land Reforms Act was passed, many of them got their own land which they cultivated. The Kudiya women are active in agricultural operations and animal husbandry. They collect fuel and potable water. They go for work at construction sites. They have important roles in rituals. The Kudiya profess the Hindu faith and worship village and regional deities besides the wider pantheon now. Festivals are of religious significance and the main one is Sivaratri. According to the 2011 census, their population can be estimated to be 785.

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