The community is spelled as Mullu Kuruman, Mulla Kuruman, Mullu Kurumba or Mulla kurumar. KURUMANS are inhabitants of the Wayanad District and also the adjoining Gudalur Taluk of Tamilnadu. They speak a dialect of their own called Kurumaba which is an unintelligible dialect of Kannada with a good admixture of Tamil and Malayalam words and phrases and that they have no script of their own. The Mullu Kurauman have four kulams, namely Villappa, Kathika, Vadakku and Vengage, which regulate marriage alliances. There is no hierarchy among the kulams. The land is the main matural economic resource of the Mullu Kuruman community, which is controlled by individuals. The traditional occupations of the Mulla Kuruman were hunting, gathering and shifting cultivation. At present, they are mainly engaged in agriculture and government jobs. Women help their men in agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing and poultry. Some of them have their own agricultural land. The Mullu Kuruman follow Hinduism now and the remnants of tribal religious practices are almost gone. All modern civic amenties are enjoyed/availed of by the Mullu Kuruman. According to the 2011 census, their population can be estimated to be 24,505.

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