KURUMBA live in the dense forests of Attappadi Valley, Palakkad District. They are popularly known as Kurumba Pulayans, Mala Pulayans, Hill Pulayans and Pamba Pulayans. The Kurumba have dialect of their own, locally called Kurumba Basha. The patios seem to be a debased form of Kannada. Except a very few who can converse in Malayalam. The Kurumba are foragers and shifting cultivators. At present also their economy is mainly revolving around their traditional occupation of collecting forest produces like honey, wax, soapnut, turmeric, ginger and wild cardamoms. The Kurumba know the art of body tattooing. Skill in the manufacture of baskets and mats reveals their craftsmanship. Kurumbas are animists and totemists and there has not been much change in their early forms of worship. Their knowledge of Hinduism is disappointing. According to the 2011 census, their population can be estimated to be 2,586.

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