MALA PANICKARS are habitants of the Kozhikode District. They are seen at Badavuram, Mambad Amsom, Ramachanpotti, Vambad Amsom, Vadapuram Desom, Vadakumpadam and Kaliara, Nilambur Amsom and Karikad near Manjeri in the Eranad Taluk. Land is the major natural resource of the Mala Panickar community and is controlled by individual proprietors. Traditionally, their main occupation was agriculture. Animal Husbandry, collection and selling of firewood and wood cutting were subsidiary occupations. A few of them are engaged in the petty business and in government service abandoning the traditional occupations. The Mala Panickar is Hindus and profess Hinduism. They worship and revere the entire Hindu pantheon. These also visit the temple frequently, make offerings to this deity. The 2011 Census recorded their population as 1,023.

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