MALA VEDANS are habitants of the Kottayam and Quilon Districts. They are seen at Kadimeenchira, Narayanamuzhi, Kumarapuram and Katachira of Pathanamthitta taluk. Ottakkal, Orukunnu, Thenkashi, Thenmalai and Achankovil of Pathanapuram Taluk. The Mala Vedans speak a dialect of Tamil and Malayalam, which is unintelligible. The primitive Vedans, as the name indicates, subsisted exclusively by hunting. A part of the kill was consumed and what could be spared was sold or exchanged for essentials. Piscatorial pursuits provide an important occupation during certain seasons of the year. Some collect hill produce and derive an income from that. A great number are farm and plantation labourers. The income they earn is disappointing. Mala Vedans have no objection to be known as Hindus. They have no temples of their own, but whenever possible they visit Hindu temples and make offering to popular Hindu Gods. At present they celebrate Onam and Karkada Sankaranthi. The 2011 Census recorded their population as 8,149.

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