MALA VETTUVANS are habitants of the Kannur District. They are seen at Prapoyil, Thirumani, Thadikadavu and Padiyur, Vayakara Amsom of the Thaliparamba Taluk. The 2011 Census recorded their population as 17,869. They speak a very poor dialect of Malayalam with many Tulu words and idioms. Mala Vettuvans are agricultural labourers and have a through knowledge of agricultural operations in the taluk they inhabit. Whenever land is available they have their own cultivation rice and pepper. They are good hunters and trackers, and are often seen assisting a visiting sportsman. Basket making provides occupation for a large number. Rice is their principal diet and when it is not available they eat whatever can be had, specially roots and herbs collected from the forests. They are very clever in catching rats for consumption. The Mala Vettuvans are Hindus. They make image of Gods, and ancestors in metal or wood for worship. They visit Hindu temples.

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