MALASARS are habitants of the Palakkad and Thrissur District. They are seen in the Nelliampathi hills of the Nemmara Taluk, Thuthanpara and Pothumudi Villages, Kollengode private forests and Sungam in the Chittoor Taluk. The 2011 Census recorded their population as 3,195. They speak a poor dialect Tamil and Malayalam. The chief economic resource of the Malasar community is the forest. It is controlled by government. The community is mainly landless. At present some hold land allowed by the forest department on which they raise some crops, mainly tapioca. Their main occupation was collection of minor forest produce, which can be categorized into two: one for consumption and other for barter. They have also taken to animal husbandry. The Malasar claim that they are Hindus; in fact, it is found that they are trying to imbibe the Hindu religion. Kali and Mariamma were described as their favourite deities.

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