The Marati are also called as Maratha or Marathi. The Marati is derived from the language that they converse. Marathi as a caste name, is somewhat open to confusion and it is probable that many people of various castes, who speak Marathi, are shown as being of that caste. The true Marathi caste is said to have come from Goa, and that place is the head quarters. Present day are distribution as perceived by the community is in Kasargod district of Kerala and in other states. According to the 2011 census, their population can be estimated to be 27,824. They speak Marati, Telugu and use Kannada script within the family. With others, they speak Kannada, Malayalam and Tulu, and scripts used are Kannada and Malayalam. Land is the Marati’s major economic resource which is controlled by individuals. Primary occupation of the community is agriculture. Some of them are also engaged in animal husbandry, business, government and private sectors. A few them are engaged in basketry and carpentry. The Marati profess Hinduism, they worship Guondolu, their favourite deity. Ammanora devi and Mariyamma are their family deities. Mahalingeswara is teh village deity of the community. They also worship Hindu gods like Siva, Parvati, Vishnu and Ganesha.

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