The community name known as Kadars, are also known as Wayanad Kadar. The term ‘Kadar’ in Malayalam means one who lives in the forest – by implication, uncivilised. The Wayanad Kadar are found only in the Wayanad District of Kerala. They do not have synonyms, subgroups and title. According to the 2011 census, their population can be estimated to be 2,949. The Wayanad Kadar speak Malayalam within the family as well as outsiders, and use the Malayalam script for writing. The major natural resource of Wayanad Kadar community is land. Their traditional occupations are hunting and gathering, basket making and wage labour. Those who own land, cultivate paddy, ragi, tapioca, plantain, ginger, jack, mango etc. Others are engaged in animal husbandry, preparing baskets such as vallakkotta and parambu from bamboo and few of them are working in government/ private service. The Wayanad Kadar profess Hinduism. They worship Kodungallur Kali and Kariyathan as their community deities. They also worship Malam Kali, Kulian Guligan, Siva etc. The major sacred centres are Kodungallur, Sabarimalai, Palani etc. Sacred specialisits are from the same community. Their role is to officiate inn all rites and perform puja in their village Kali temple. The major festivals of the community are Onam, Vishu, Sivaratri, Makam etc.

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