Art and Culture

Kerala is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The awesomeness of the large number of charming places that lies in here is why they call Kerala as God’s own country. Wayanad is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala and across the world which is another paradise on earth. Wayanad is rich in its serene beauty, waterfalls, hill tops, peaks, forests, wild life sanctuaries, tribal life and the rich and varied flora and fauna that you can find only in here. Embedded deep inside the Western Ghats, the hilly landscape of Wayanad is truly referred to as the “Green Paradise”.

The region is bordered with a green carpet on all its sides by Kerala, in South India. The name Wayanad has been derived from two words Vayal and Nadu. Vayal meaning paddy fields and Nadu means land of paddy fields. The naturalness of the place that flaunts dense forests, luxurious greenery that carpets the agriculture area, and the snow-clad misty hills and the splendidness of losing yourself to the beautiful charm need no more a word of persuasion to pull our readers to Wayanad. What’s more? An awesome variety of flora and fauna exist in Wayanad and if you are an ardent wild-life lover this is the place you want to be as for Wayanad even the forest is unaware of the kind of animals that it provides shelter to. No other state in Kerala has a rich tribal population as much as Wayanad. You can make your stay comfortable at some of the best resorts in Wayanad.

The hills and the mountains in the Western Ghats that surrounds Wayanad create a magical aura of mesmerism around it that attracts people towards Wayanad. Also, the place is abundant with a wide variety of plantations such as pepper, cardamom, vanilla, coffee and tea. There is also export of these plantations taking place from Wayanad towards international markets. The pleasant climate that remains in the region all round the year and the charm of Wayanad’s beauty put in place attracts tourists from far and wide who come here to quench their never ending quest for the richness in history and culture.


These tribes have their own art forms which are very interesting. Try to visit Wayanad during the occasion of their festival to catch a glimpse of their much interesting art forms. Vattakali and Koodiyattam are among the major tribal arts that are prevalent in the Wayanad region. The Paniyas perform thudi and Kuzhal and the Nellukuthu Pattu is peculiar to the Kurichias while Adiyas perform Gadhika and Kurumas are masters at Kolkali.

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