KADARS are inhabitants of the Palghat, Trichur, Calicut and Kannur Districts. They are seen at Pooyamkutty, Orikombankutty, Muthirachal, pothupara and Kollengode forests of the Chittoor Taluk, Palghat District, and at Poringalkuthu, Ittiyani, Annakkayam and Chandanthode of the Mukunnapuram Taluk, Trichur District. Kuthirottom Kunnu and Vellamunda Amsom of the Wayanad District. Kadars have a proverb that the way to the heart is through the mouth, and a wife who is a good cook can be very successful in life. They are also seen in the Madras State. A visitor with knowledge of Malayalam or Tamil can fare well with them. Pathies are on slightly raised mud and on all sides with flattened bamboo and grass. Usually they consist of one room, a corner of which is used as the kitchen. Modern kadars like to known as Hindus and to use Hindu names. Primitive polytheism and the worship of invisible gods have considerably disappeared. Their favourite deities are Ayappan, Kali and Malavazhi. A few elders still worship the rising sun. Their customs and conventions indicate that they had been strong animists not long ago. According to the 2011 census, their population can be estimated to be 2,949.

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