Thachanadens are habitants of the Kozhikode District. They are seen at Meppadi, Rippon, Ambalakunnu, Kallumala, Rotakolli, Idinzhkolli and Kaniyambetta in Vythiri Taluk of Wayanad district. The Thachanad Muppan are immigrants from Nilambur inn Malappuram district. The name is reported to have originated from their place of origin Thachanad. According to the 2011 census, their population can be estimated to be 1,745. The Thachanad Muppan speak a dialect mixed with Malayalam and a particular intonation, and when speaking it is difficult to understand. Malayalam is the language spoken with others. Land is the major economic resource of the Thachanad Muppan which is controlled by individual proprietors. Their traditional occupation was hunting and gathering, bee-keeping, and basket making. Their present occupations are animal husbandry and labour. Link with market exists directly transactions are in cash. There is a rise in the number of agricultural and casual labourers. People also work in the estates as plantation labourers. Children drop out of the school in order to support the family. Children also work to supplement family income. The Thachanad Muppan profess Hinduism. Their folk deities are Gulikan, Bhagawati, Thamburatti, Kali, Kurikadaivam etc. These deities are represented by stones placed under a tree.

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