1 Relevant priorities of the indian constitution for scheduled categories
 2 Scheduled castes and Scheduled Tribes Development (G) Department Notification 2002
 3 Law (Legislation -A) Department Notification
 4 Geneological performa for caste verification
 5 Department GO(Rt) No 607/03/SCSTDD Dated 25.07.2003.
Prosecution proceedings against those who have secured bogus SC/ST certificates
 6 No. 22037/G1/2003/SCSTDD   Dated 08.11.2003.
 7 List Scheduled castes in Kerala State
 8 Central List of other Backward classes
 9 List of Socially and Educationally Backward classes (SEBC)
 10 G.O 157/96/SCSTDD   Dated 6.4

1 G.O (MS) No. 25/2005/SCSTDD  Dated. 20.6.2005
Caste status of children of parents contracted intercaste marriage -classification
 2 G.O (MS) No. 37/06/SCSTDD   Dated. 28.7.2006
Correction of Caste name from Peruvannan to Vannan/Mannan/Perumannan (Scheduled caste) communities.
 3 G.O (MS) No. 10/86/SCSTDD   Dated. 12.2.1986
Issurance of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe certificate to persons who migrate from one state to another
 4 NO. 11366/G1/02/SCSTDD   Datetd. 25.3.2003
Caste Determination of Adopted Children.
 5 G.O (P) No. 65/96/SCSTDD   Dated. 19.12.1996
Scheduled Caste certification to members of PULLUVAN community
 6 G.O (MS) No. 12/03/SCSTDD   Dated. 27.1.2003
G.O Related to Scheduled Tribe Second Generation Claim
 7 GO(MS) No.67/02/SCSTDD   Dated 13.11.2002
The scheduled tribe claim of certain communities in Devikulam Taluk -Idukki
 8 G.O (P) No. 90/98/SCSTDD   Dated. 17.10.1998
Scheduled Caste certificate to members of SEMMAN community-declared caste as CHEMMAN
 9 No. 49/99/SCSTDD    Dated. 06.05.1999
 10 23248/G/98/SCSTDD   Dated. 21.07.1999
 11 G.O (Rt) No. 830/03/SCSTDD   Dated. 15.10.2003
Inclusion of Marati community in OEC list
 12 G.O (Rt) No. 675/2003/SCSTDD  Dated. 16.08.2003
Vettuvan,Pulaya vettuvan community  living in areas other than former Cochin state included in OEC list
 13 G.O (MS) No. 63/79/DD   Dated. 16.4.1979
Correction of caste name in SSLC Book
 14 G.O (MS) No. 195/85/GAD   Dated. 24.05.1985
Change of name ,religion and community certificate competent authority.
 15 No. 18421/E2/87/SCSTDD
 16 No. 9724/G/97/SCSTDD  Dated 16.7.1997

 1 G.O (MS) No. 2/95/P&ARD  Dated. 20.01.1998
sARASWATH Non Brahmin’creed not be included.
 2 G.O (MS) No. 3/95/P & ARD  Dated. 06.03.1995
Tharakan,Pathukudy,Vallaikar (Mannadiar),Arya vaisya (Guptans Moothans & Manndiars creed not be included)
 3 G.O (MS) No. 55/95/SCSTDD  Dated. 01.11.1995
Mooppar (will be included)
 4 G.O (MS) No. 35/96/SCSTDD  Dated. 22. .1996
Melakkarar ( need not be included)
 5 G.O (MS) No. 36/96/SCSTDD  Dated. 25.07.1996
Sengunthar’ (not to include)
 6 G.O (MS) No. 38/96/SCSTDD  Dated. 31.07.1996
Parkavakulam (need not be included)
 7 G.O (MS) No. 57/96/SCSTDD  Dated. 08.11.1996
Poopandaram/Maalapandaram be included
 8 G.O (MS) No. 67/96/SCSTDD  Dated. 26.12.1996
Vettuva Navithan, Kongu navithan to include,Aduthon to include
 9 G.O (MS) No. 15/97/SCSTDD  Dated. 33. .1997
Kuruba’ included
 10 G.O (MS) No. 59/97/SCSTDD  Dated. 08.07.1997
Pallichan need not be included
 11 G.O (MS) No. 74/97/SCSTDD  Dated. 08.08.1997
Retention of certain caste in the list.
 12 G.O (MS) No. 7/98/SCSTDD  Dated. 9.2.1998
Kongu Vellala Gounder’ , Vettuva Gounder’, ‘Pooluva Gounder’ ,’ Padayachi Gounder’ need not be included
 13 G.O (MS) No. 8/98/SCSTDD  Dated. 9.2.1998
Koteyar,Kotekshatriya kotegar,KotegarsRamakshatriya Ramarajakshatriya Servegara,Sheragra
need not be included
 14 G.O (MS) No. 9/98/SCSTDD  Dated. 12.2.1998
Vellala community or any group thereof- need not be included
 15 G.O (MS) No. 44/98/SCSTDD  Dated. 23.4.1998
Easanattukallar and agamudayar’ need not be included
 16 G.O (MS) No. 77/98/SCSTDD  Dated. 10.8.1998
Chakkala Nair -not inlude
 17 G.O (MS) No. 112/98/SCSTDD  Dated. 15.12.1998
Bandari/Pandari – need not be included.
 18 G.O (MS) No. 11/98/SCSTDD  Dated. 1.2.1999
 19 Circular
 20 G.O (Rt) No. 76/2000/SCSTDD  Dated. 01.2.2000
Chelly’ having the subcaste names within brackets alone be treated as OBC
 21 G.O (MS) No. 46/2000/SCSTDD  Dated. 26.09.2000
Catholica Kammala need not be included

  1. G.O (MS) No. 50/2001/SCSTDD  Dated. 3.10.2001
    Ezhava Lutheran Christian- need not be included
 22 G.O (P) No. 55/2001/SCSTDD  Dated. 15.10.2001
Chetty/Chetties including the subcaste names within brackets mentioned in the state list of OBC
will be treated as Other Backward class
 23 G.O (MS) No. 46/2001/SCSTDD  Dated. 6.6.2002
Catholica Kammalar need not be included
 24 G.O (Rt) No. 284/2002/SCSTDD  Dated. 6.6.2002
‘Kambar’samudayam -not included
 25 G.O (MS) No. 16/2003/SCSTDD  Dated. 13.2.2003
Moovari alias Mukhari – need not be included

  1. G.O (MS) No. 32/2003/SCSTDD  Dated. 21.3.2003
    Agamudiyar,Kallar,Perumalaikallar,servai – need not be included
 26 G.O (MS) No. 50/2003/SCSTDD  Dated. 30.6.2003
Tamil minority Kshatriya vaniya kulamakkal – not include
 27 G.O (MS) No. 47/2006/SCSTDD  Dated. 12.9.2006
‘Mahendra Madara community – included
 28 G.O (MS) No. 48/2006/SCSTDD  Dated. 12.9.2006
‘Pandaram’ included.
 29 G.O (MS) No. 60/2006/SCSTDD  Dated. 26.10.2006
Vyshnava Gowder -need not be included
 30 G.O (MS) No. 67/2006/SCSTDD  Dated. 24.11.2006
Separate reservation quota for Vilkurup community
 31 G.O (MS) No. 68/2006/SCSTDD  Dated. 24.11.2006
Palisa Perumkollan included
 32 G.O (MS) No. 69/2006/SCSTDD  Dated. 24.11.2006
Moundadan chelly -included
 33 G.O (MS) No. 70/2006/SCSTDD  Dated. 24.11.2006
Edanadan chetty – included
 34 G.O (MS) No. 74/2006/SCSTDD  Dated. 30.12.2006
Separate reservation quota for Vilkurup
 35 G.O (MS) No. 6/2007/SCSTDD  Dated. 27.1.2007
 36 G.O (MS) No. 35/2007/SCSTDD  Dated. 25.6.2007
Recommendation from state list of OBC and that of centre
(Mooppar 24 marai chetties)

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