Research wing

This wing conducts Applied and Developmental research with an interdisciplinary approach incorporating theoretical perspectives from the domain of Anthropology, Sociology , Linguistics ,Economics , Statistics and History. Besides Classification of community studies are also conducted. As per act of 1996 , the Anthropological wing is designated as an expert agency and a separate vigilance cell is functioning to curb the bogus claims of the benefit of reservation policy. The reports of individual caste determination cases referred by the scrutiny committee are submitted to the government for further action. Anthropological reports by this wing to the screening committee prevents the infiltration of candidates with bogus SC/ST certificates for admission professional activities. Ethnographic studies  are also conducted.


  • The Research Wing conducts ethnographic studies on various communities, especially on the Scheduled Communities of the state, with a view to understand their socio-cultural dimensions as part of its Classification of community studies.
  • The Wing also conducts Inclusion and Exclusion Studies of various communities
  • The Wing has also completed the Base Line Survey on among the five PTG’s in Kerala.


Vigilance Cell
  • As per act 11 of 1996 a separate Vigilance Cell is also functioning in the Research Wing , in order to curb the bogus claims of the benefits of the reservation policy.
  •  The individual caste determination cases referred by the Screening and Scrutiny Committees are conducted by this wing.
Screening Committee Cases
  • The Committee has referred a number of doubtful cases for anthropological verification to the Vigilance Cell of the Research Wing.
  • A total of 1224 anthropological enquiries were conducted and reports submitted to government  during the last and the current financial year
Scrutiny Committee Cases
  • The Committee has referred a number of cases pertaining to persons who have enjoyed/ enjoying SC/ST benefits, on the basis of bogus SC/ST certificates, for anthropological verification.
  • Almost 20 cases have been completed during the financial years 2006-08, and the enquires in 15 cases are at the stage of finalization.

Studies conducted for the Kerala State Commission for Backward Classes

  • The KSCBC has entrusted the task of conducting community studies as part of inclusion studies into OBC Category.
  • During the last and the current financial years 5 such community studies have been completed and report submitted.


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