KATTUNAYAKANS are inhabitants of the Kozhikode and Kannur Districts. They are seen in the deep forests of high mountains of Kidaganad, Purakadi, Pulpalli, Noolpuzha, Maruthenkara, Tharuvana and Nallornad Amsoms of the Vythiri Taluk; Kattikulam Vemom, Chempara Peak and Nathapuram. They speak Malayalam and Tamil. Some of them are conversant with Kannada language.  Kattunayakans have the most disappointing type of huts. They are long, but very low, and the floor is level with the ground. The sides are of flattened bamboo, and the roof covered with straw or grass. According to the 2011 census, their population can be estimated to be 18,199.The kattunaickan are in different stages of development and based on their source of livelihood, they can be classified into four categories such as 1. Food gatherers and landless labourers who work on the land and nearby forest regions.2. Temporary cultivators who own less fertile land which is insufficient for their living.3. Cultivators who own fertile land.4. Employees as mahouts in forest departments and Devasoms.

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