Dictionary of Tribal Languages – Volume –I

The book was published in the year April 2012.The price of this book was Rs. 125/-.

One of the vital function of KIRTADS is the protection of tribal language of Kerala. It can be reviewed as an activity aiming the development of socio cultural life of tribal communities. Every Tribal community fostered its own language which is the blood in the body of culture of  Tribes. The Dictionary of Tribal Languages gives a very valuable insight into the evolutionary aspects in the distinctiveness of culture and the language group from which it has emerged.

The present volume consist of four parts dealing language viz, Muduga, Vettakuruman, Malayan, Kurichian. The first part dealing with Muduga language dictionary again has two sub division. Words and its meanings is alphabetically arranged and the meaning of full sentence is given in the second part. The Muduga is a tribal community inhabiting the South West part of Attappady numbering 4668. The Kurichian is a tribal community inhabiting in Wayanad  District numbering 35909. The Vetta Kuruman is a tribal community inhabiting in Wayanad and Kannur District numbering 6482. The Malayan is a tribal community inhabiting in Thrissur District numbering 5550. In the second part International Phonetic Alphabet is used in presenting the words and sentences.

The dictionary along with the grammar is the base with which one can prepare primer for the teaching of tribal language. The comprehension of primary school education of Scheduled Tribes boys and girls pose problem that is perceived as one of the reason for the dropout of tribal children from school on an alien medium of instruction. Even the school teachers can’t speak tribal language well. This kind of words in this Dictionary of Tribal Languages gives a better understanding to bridge the gap to a great extent which would enable the tribal children to fare well in schools. I hope this book would be of much use to school teachers, tribal students and education planners. With great pleasure, I submit this book to the tribal students and teachers. It would also be a valuable guide to researches working in this field.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the members of the tribal communities who have contributed their language for this work. I also extend my sincere gratitude to the researchers of the Linguistic Cell who have undertaken all pain to collect data from these tribal communities. I am sure that this Dictionary of Tribal Language would simulate some original vocabulary in these language by its own native speakers in future.





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